LOE Trailer Sales Inc. is bringing you into an era of customer satisfaction, where perfection in our product and your consultation with this family owned and operated business for over 25 years is our number one priority. Whether it’s for enclosed cargo trailers, dump trailers, skid trailers, utility trailers, landscaping trailers, snowmobile or heavy equipment trailers, it’s as easy as a stop, hitch and away, and LOE Trailers Sales is accompanying you on what seems to be a Sunday afternoon ride. Having it’s establishment in 1989, LOE Trailer Sales Inc. has since grown to accommodate almost 5,000 customers a year, becoming the Trailer Capitol of Western New York, and expanding it’s outreach nationwide. We proudly serve Buffalo, Tonawanda, Western New York, and Kenmore, NY. Through the years it has been appraised for the best prices, as well, an intricate trailer that customizes the desires of the purchaser.

Buying a trailer is simple, but finding trailer accessories, parts, and knowledge, in order to service the trailer is what sets LOE Inc. apart. It is the only Trailer shop that can satisfy all your needs, as well, give an extensive array of trailers to choose from in stock, varying in size, color, shape and price

When in need there is no doubt, LOE Inc. is the place to stop for trailers, parts, repairs and service located just 10 minutes from either Buffalo, NY or Niagara Falls, NY.

Joseph P. Stefanski Jr.